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20/100 - B.A.P. aka Best Absolute Perfect

B.A.P. is another South Korean boy band group, under the label TS Entertainment. They debuted in 2012 as well, the same year as EXO, with a powerful video called "Warrior". It's hard not to compare this group with EXO because of the popularity/interests/fans they had garnered last year, especially during the awards [i.e. fan wars between the two fandoms--I ended up in the middle btw] and also because they're the same age group as well.
Not only did this group debut with a powerful manly hip hop image and very tight choreography, this group is known for releasing a lot of comebacks [ singles + MVs + repackaged albums] last year. For a rookie group they actually produced 6 comebacks in 2012, which is quite A LOT for a rookie group. And most definitely exhausting, plus they had to film variety shows and released reality shows to introduce themselves to their audience.

Because this group is often mentioned in the same sentence with EXO and apparently a member of EXO loves their music a lot, I'd checked them out from the side line. To be quite honest, their music style isn't my thing. They have heavy influences of American hip hop and R&B -- which is as far as I've come across very crude and rough and sometimes filled with oaths and curses. But from B.A.P.'s lyrics self, you can actually see they're dealing with problems youth are having in this age. The music style reminds me a bit of the 90s when H.O.T. sang about problems in society. Or about breaking away from bad tradition.

And from their MVs alone ["Warriors", "Power" and "No Mercy"] you can definitely see how they overwhelm the watchers with their fast pace/rough rapping, the charisma and aggressive choreo that consists of a lot of levels [moving around on the ground, doing crunches, high kicks, dropping down to the floor, jumping high etc.] Except for "Stop it" and "Crash" though... those songs derailed from B.A.P.'s usual tough image. Their live performances really are a treat to watch, because to move around with so much power and sing/rap/high vocals without breaking your voice is quite a feat. They're very pro, I'll give them that. I never got into them until recently, when they released "Rain Sound" and "One Shot" [see MV above] this year 2013.

The group consists of six members, all of them born in the 90s line like EXO, with ZELO being the youngest (96-line, jailbait). I've to be honest, I was very impressed with ZELO and I punish myself every time for actually admiring him, because... he's just way, way too young to flail about. And apparently very obedient being the youngest of the group and the most talented.
The other member I admire is Daehyun, the vocalist who is in charge of the high vocals. Just by watching him live makes me stare, considering the fact he's the least trained of the bunch in both dancing and singing. Yongguk and Himchan bring out the dangerous visuals--those two look the most dangerous in MVs. I haven't gotten myself quite acquainted with Jongup and Youngjae yet but everyone seems to say they're adorable in their variety shows.

I like the "One Shot" mv a lot for the choreo and the drama they've used for this song. Very good and powerful and the climax scene near the end blew me away until the actual ending is revealed.
I only found out what the song meant about today and I'm starting to like the song even more, because it's a message to the youth who gets overwhelmed by all kinds of traps in society.
Besides that, I was quite taken with the choreography, especially ZELO's dance break, which was sadly not included in any live performances. Other than that I'm sure this dance probably will be a good cardio exercise. LOL. I'll attempt to learn it.

So for nr. 20 of my list, it's B.A.P. because I've been slowly acquainting myself to their variety shows/fandom and of course, putting on their One Shot single on repeat.

Other notes:

- Their mascot icon is a bunny called Matoki and that doesn't make a lot of sense considering bunnies aren't that powerful looking, unless it's a robot looking one.

- There is also an interesting fashion tumblr dedicated to this group and from what I've seen, their stylists really like to dress these guys in military stuff [boots/pants/wife beaters etc.]

- their concept is also about being aliens from a rabbit planet called Mato Planet. Or at least, the fandom tends to make jokes about it.
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