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I've watched Pacific Rim last week. Although when the movie teaser first came out I didn't feel impressed with it. But I'm happy I had tried it out. I admired the mechanics behind the whole jaeger and the mention of neural system connected to a heavy metal body + the after effects.

The action is very good. To be honest, I was sitting on the edge of my seat and mentally screaming at the pilots to MOVEMOVEMOVE FASTER. Hahahaha. But considering how much work is done to create the jaeger, I can understand how heavy the actual body would be so I wondered why there was no weapon. Using a weapon might have helped a lot. In the second half of the movie, Mako revealed a new gadget and behold a sword. and omggg I thought of Gundam Wing the whole way since the sword in the hand bore some resemblance to Heavyarms. And another jaeger also had Heavyarms's chest artillery too~. Another thing I appreciate the movie is that the female lead isn't considered a romantic interest for the male lead or anyone in the story. They're basically working with each other as two peas in a pod or one brain in a body, depending on each other's synchronized wavelengths to finish a mission.

The part where they had to break the portal reminded me so much of Cowboys and Aliens that they had to destroy the nest that continues to terrorize the earth.

One side note, I'm particularly impressed with the little girl that played young Mako in her memories. She was really good. especially the part where she was hiding and running from the kaiju.

After watching the movie... I fell sick. :/ I must have eaten something bad because I felt like throwing up and just slept the whole day away.
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