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25/100 - Haikyuu!!

Next on the list of 100 blogging things is: HAIKYUU!!


It's only recently finished and I've watched the anime and re-read the manga twice already. It's only been recently that I went all out fangirling when some of f-list started watching and commenting about the series and the characters. So I'm glad this series is getting some love (lots of it actually since I'm pushing some of my f-list to write fanfic for this series /smirks/).

The story begins with Hinata Shouyou, who was inspired by a national match aired on tv, to take up volleyball. By then he had already decided to enter Karasuno high school once he graduated from middle school and there he met the setter, Kageyama, who would utilize Hinata's incredible speed and high jumping skills.

As far as I know, there hasn't been any volleyball anime/manga released in the sports genre until Haikyuu!! (maybe I'm wrong? I've seen too many football, baseball and basketball series though) and considering the fact that the series doesn't really rely on farfetched, special moves like Prince of Tennis/Kuroko no Basket, it takes some interesting characters and dialogues to make this series fun and cute to watch.

And in my opinion, those really worked. The characters are cute and the dialogues tend to be so inspiring like most sports anime are, and the story that leads up to their goal makes it a fun ride, makes you want to cheer them on and hope they win.

Since the second season of Haikyuu!! is already in progress, I can't wait to see the Tokyo practice arc, where Karasuno starts to change their game play and learned all sorts of stuff from Nekoma and Fukurodani. I like the late night practices the blockers tried to pull Tsukishima in, I like Kenma/Hinata friendship in general, interactions with all the other players... basically everything. I hope the anime has scenes of them having sleep overs with each other and pillow fighting. Plus we'll have Hitoka too and 3rd years angsting over their shortened time before exams.

Aobajousai is actually also an interesting school, especially since Oikawa had specifically chosen to go there instead of Shiratorizawa. Oikawa had done his ultimate best and is still regaled as the ace server nobody wants to meet in court.

This series was hard to actually choose a favorite character, but I guess I can totally go for Sugawara Koushi. Even if he didn't play first string, even if he didn't play a full match in official games, he has always been supportative, always helping out. Uggghhhh I'm so weak against that smile as well. But I love everyone in Karasuno too, surly Tsukishima, awkward Kageyama, hyper Tanaka, ultimate senpai Nishinoya, adorable Hinata, glass giant Asahi, nervous Yamaguchi, ultimate dad Sawamura, future don Ennoshita~ and so on, and so on.


I've bemoaned the fandom for not having any good fic, except a handful of stories, LOL so in the end I'm pushing all kinds of ideas into the fic writers' heads.

Even made a bingo for anyone who's interested/

Source: official website, merchandise
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