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27/100 - Ansatsu Kyoushitsu aka Assassination Classroom

This series has been popping around on my radar for quite a while. Either some friends talking about it or a family talking about it. I never got around to actually read and watch it until recently.



The story starts with a very gloomy class looking down at their desk and then a yellow creature enters and orders a greeting. The whole class suddenly stands up for their greeting, pulling out guns and shoot at the yellow creature. LOL. The yellow octopus creature destroyed half the moon and threatened to destroy the earth next year in March. The earth would be safe if he gets killed off by then. But considering his speed is faster than the speed of sound, he requested to teach a class at a prestigious school and at the same time train them to kill him in the art of assassination.

You know, I thought it was going to be a depressing sort of anime that deals with a lot of death and horror when I saw the summary at first glance. But instead, it's actually a light-hearted series that reminds me of Great Teacher Onizuka and Gokusen in which a quirky, weird, strong teacher is standing in front of a class of misfits/outcasts/delinquents/whatever and teaches them how to appreciate life, about friendship, teamwork, friends etc etc. with the exception that the adults are expecting 28 misfits middle school students to kill their teacher when even the government and their highly trained military personnel failed to do so. Sounds so fishy.

Anyway, the first episode caught my attention immediately. Koro-sensei, the yellow octopus creature, keeps saying he looks forward to his students attempt on his life and at the same time he teaches them every possible subject a normal school would do, science, math, languages etc. It's actually amusing when you see scenes of smiling children asking him questions about their studies and at the same time they bring out a knife trying to stab him. On hindsight, it's actually disturbing (because you're teaching a kid to use guns and knives... ok they don't hurt humans, only hurt Koro-sensei's tentacles), but on the other hand somehow this activity fostered camraderie and friendship amongst the students.

Since the anime hasn't finished yet, I immediately grabbed the manga to read. So far I'm pretty impressed with the developments. I hope to see an amazing animated version of the Summer vacation island arc, the School festival arc and the God of Death arc and of course Koro-sensei's background info arc.

I don't have a favorite character yet. All of them are so loveable! Even Koro-sensei can be so adorable. It's actually funny that it's Fukuyama Jun playing him when Fukuyama usually plays pretty characters. Hahahaha.

Karasuma is the very straight man of the cast, because he's so straightlaced and serious. But I'm glad he's around to see the kids develop into better assassins.

All the kids in 3-E are precious! Nagisa, Isogai, Kanzaki, Karma etc you name it. Maybe when they graduate Karasuma can write them a rec letter to the government and train them as operative officials?? I already see Nagisa going that way.

they might seem violent but actuall the other students were the ones who instigated first.
On a side note, I personally hope Class 3-E doesn't really kill Koro-sensei off. :( But if they do, a huge hole will settle within them cuz Koro-sensei had taught them so much, encouraged them in many ways and he has to die. The current arc where they delve into sensei's memories will probably reveal more as to why he challenged earth and destroyed half the moon. My guess is he's probably in rage during his complete transformation and had to watch his only friend die in his arms (because he even took the trouble to request a job as her substitute in her own class). He is also probably the reason why Shiro has one bionic eye.

Other than that, someone said there might be a bigger danger than Koro-sensei himself that's why he's training the kids into better assassins... shrugs... who knows maybe he's training them to fight the other God of Death or another lurking danger that is the goverment alien project.

Overall, a very entertaining series.

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