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The next post is... all about images of a certain series.

09/100 - Kuroko no Basuke

I've been holding back about this, but, but, but... now I cannot contain myself. I cannot! It's the new anime hype!

I tried this out after reading Sharon's review on the show. I was quite surprised how much I liked the first episode. It's basically about Kuroko Tetsuya and Kagami Taiga and basketball. Kuroko, who doesn't have any spectacular basketball skills, plays a supporting role during games in order to make Kagami, who has raw basketball talent, a winner and also help Seirin shine in games of course. The thing is, Kuroko is solely a supporting player in a basketball team.

I had a moment of Slam Dunk and Prince of Tennis flash when I saw the series. Slam Dunk was completely about basics of basketball and Prince of Tennis was about tennis plus no logic laws of physics plus music. Kuroko no Basuke is like that. XDD It sounds so lame coming from me, but actually it's pretty fun, if you're into sports and friendship (?) kind of series. That is.
When the anime stopped halfway in a game, I switched to manga and arghhhh before I knew it, I'd already marathoned through all the chapters without stopping.

The fact that Kuroko himself is a likeable character also helps. The cast of Seirin is also fun too. I so secretly ship Hyuuga/Riko/Kiyoshi. But then back stories started happening once Seirin meets the Kiseki no Sedai (Generation of Miracles)--one by one--in a game, and stuff continued to get interesting as we start to understand why characters are like these. I started sympathizing with each character *yes, I'm looking at you Aomine*. The quirky thing everyone would notice is that the Kiseki no Sedai have colors of the rainbow eyes and hair that correspond to their names, with the exception of Kuroko, who's an anomaly himself. XD;

And they have a mascot: Tetsuya #2. Having such a cute mascot also helps.

(not mine)
Tetsuya #2 as the various Generation of Miracles.
From top left to right: Kuroko, Kise and Midorima.
The second block: Aomine, Akashi and Murasakibara.

who looks like Gintama's Sadaharu, when zooming his face.

Plus... like a lot of anime, I'm very happy to see that Kuroko no Basket has A LOT OF AMAZING FANARTS at:

(not mine)

Can you guys see it?

Just looking at Kuroko no Basket fanarts makes me want to draw and write again.

Another fun thing is...





*shrieks* At the end of the credits, these are a few shots of the ending scenes. ASDFGJKL''';;;; the urge to ship everyone x Kuroko [or more like everyone x everyone] tickles me like no other series.
I had tried my best to approach this series without actually thinking about shipping or OTPs like in Giant Killing (where I hardly ship anyone) because surely shipping and romance brings lots of fandom wank and I can really see lots of platonic love going around in the anime, BUTBUTBUT after lurking through so many [livejournal.com profile] shootswishscore entries... it's hard to resist my BL fangirling.

And of course, the official arts aren't helping. If there's a possibility to slash, producers/companies/even the mangaka will manipulate us all.

Plus, Kuroko's even gets an appropriate tumblr feels gif. XD

Other spammage:

THIS Scene~!

THIS guy just grew onto me. The fact that he's a Virgo makes me go O.o? WHUT? I know it's a stereotype to talk about his Zodiac sign, but a lot of fans including myself thought he was Scorpio until the mangaka revealed Aomine's b-day. I spent my time reading the manga and feeling uggghhh at Aomine until well, until he had his heel face turn moment in the Winter games. These gifs also don't help at all...

Kuroko as a Pokemon trainer. XD Surprisingly he fits as Red. There was also one about Kuroko as Natsume from Natsume Yuujinchou, which I found amazing.
(not mine)

and crack fanart.

(not mine)

All basketball key players up till the manga except Akashi.

From left to right: Midorima + Takao, Kasamatsu + Kise, Aomine + Momoi, Kuroko + Kagami and finally Himuro + Murasakibara.

There's a reason why I'd like to call this series about exes.

*laughs nervously* A-as you can see... my obsessive traits are showing...
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