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I've thought long and hard about my next entry for this 100 blogging challenge. And now I've found something to rave about. :DD

10/100 - Saint Seiya and related series

Hnhn *smug*

Call me a bad fan or whatever, I don't really care. I've only begun realizing how much I'd loved this series the moment I played the Saint Seiya DVD collection several years ago. It's all thanks to the recent popularity of Saint Seiya: The Lost Canvas and Saint Seiya Omega anime that I remember really loving the series despite how ancient it looks. I mean, just go google for the series canon pictures before the producers released the OVAs like the Hades chapter or the Inferno chapter. It's THAT ancient. XD;

I remember watching and re-watching the series and still loving the moments of action, friendship, endurance and the many hardships those saints had to go through to ensure Athena's safe return. The English fandom back at that time cannot even be called an English fandom because the fanfiction amount was so small I just read anything and everything. Sadly, some of my favorites can no longer be found on the internet. *sobs*
Compared to the English fandom, the Spanish fandom has completely dominated the Saint Seiya category (Apparently our Spanish fellow-fans are more hardcore Saint Seiya fans than any other fellow-fans in the world since its first release...). Not that I'm against it, it's just that my Spanish is so rusty I cannot read those fics properly. And using google translator makes me twitch at the many inconsistent sentences... *crycrycry*

Saint Seiya is a very, very old series, AKA Knights of the Zodiac. It was first released in the 80s which explains the hairdo and the medium quality of anime it appeared (well... the OVAs all had a lot of art changes though). Anyway, that's not really important.
The series focused on Seiya, protected by the Pegasus star, and of course his other friends/saints. They're saints who swear loyalty to the goddess Athena; nothing personal matters. Ah well that's where the mythological comparisons end. Because the series make it seem like Athena is the goddess of all/world and all the other gods are evil and such; and the saints are her loyal fighting bodyguards/servants. Those who are born under any of the 88 constellations are destined to become saints of Athena. Note that the word "saint" is worded loosely, because it's most likely referred to their status as Athena's fighters and cloth wearers; the cloth being that armor saints are required to wear when fighting. And to empower their attacks, they burn their Cosmos (like the aura/chi/chakra), supposedly a force of energy/mystical power that can be found within anyone and anything and can be emulated by sheer will and determination.

Okay, it sounds so cheesy, I'm sure. But in all honesty, Saint Seiya (along with Dragon Ball) showed those earliest morals we are so familiar with in today's shounen anime/manga (One Piece/Bleach/Naruto/Gintama other shounen series), for example loyalty to friends, self-sacrifice for the greater good, endure hardships till the very end, hot headed main male characters and so on. One minus for the series is that female saints have more restraints compared to the male saints; for example that mask female saints are required to wear.

PLUS~ the first opening song "Pegasus Fantasy" rocks, despite being more than 20 something years old.

I was completely all over the series when I went through the DVD collection box which I bought on a whim. I never regretted my decision to try it out. The artwork did put me off a bit, not too much though otherwise I wouldn't be raving about it here. Despite that, I had looked forward to finishing the series and just imagine my horror when I realized my collection was incomplete--mine stopped somewhere in the middle of the Poseidon series.  D:

My favorite character was Andromeda Shun (see top picture guy in pink), followed closely by Hyoga and Seiya. Shun is so delicate-looking, you wonder if he will ever make it through the series. But out of all the saints, he is the strongest. Don't be fooled by his polite and feminine looks, okay. Once you get Shun angry you better wish you had never met that guy, because Shun gets really scarily strong when he's out to kill you with viciousness. <--- I seem to have a liking for delicate-looking guys who are actually BAMF when series *looking at Quatre*

To be honest, I haven't finished watching Saint Seiya: The Lost Canvas yet. I'd downloaded most of it some time ago but then my hard drive started acting up. ;_; This series is a prequel to the original Saint Seiya and written by a major fan with the encouragement of the original creator. Some even say that it's basically a doujinshi of the classic series and that of course would explain the major shipping teases we're getting from all the characters. Hahaha.

As for the recent running of Saint Seiya Omega, I'm surprised that I like it very much. Some notes of differences is that this series was created without involving the original creator; supposedly a spin off of the original series since it takes plays years after the original canon; Seiya is mentioned here but isn't the main character; omfg Midorikawa Hikaru voices the main character, Kouga, and does NOT SOUND LIKE HEERO YUY FROM GW AT ALL; female saints don't really get punished if they decide to stop wearing their masks; Shiryu's son is Shun's expy; ninja saint????.

I didn't know what to expect when I first heard about this series--I was more mehhh -_- about it until I realized I kept wanting to know more about the series. It's focused on the new Pegasus saint, Kouga, and his friends, as they searched the world to find the kidnapped Athena and go up against Mars, the main villain. So far, it's quite enjoyable. I love seeing the friendship these characters develop for one another and including a non-saint character; their loyalty to one another. The fact that one of the main characters, Aquila Yuna, is a female saint who stopped wearing her mask, also helps. And SHUN IS VOICED BY KAMIYA HIROSHI (so delicate... the previous seiyuu Ryo Horikawa, who also voices Vegeta and Hattori Heiji was also amazing ).

And "Pegasus Fantasy" was revamped for this series to "Pegasus Fantasy Omega ver." and JUST JUST SO MANY FEELS  because the song is so beautiful~!

I'm very sure not everyone agrees with me seeing all the hate in tumblr, but that doesn't matter. Now I'm off trying to read/write fanfic for the younger generation...

Sorry, I'm raving too much...

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