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Because I'm currently re-watching and re-reading this series. Again, I'm reminded why I bother going back to this series. The series is just this awesome to make it on my list. :D

13/100 -- One Piece




I'd discovered this series right alongside Naruto before it boomed in popularity all around the internet/RL-- I think the Arabasta arc was still on-going when I got into the series. It's one of those shounen series that are so long n00bies will probably feel intimidated with the amount of episodes/chapters he/she must brave in order to keep up. In all honesty it's all worth it.

The story is focused on Monkey D. Luffy, a seventeen year old teenager, who wants to become the Pirate King. Along his way, he encounters various amazing people and ask some of them to be part of his crew as they sail to the foreboding Grand Line--a stream that separates North Blue, East Blue, West Blue and South Blue and is considered a mystery, if not dangerous, place to travel because there is no logic trying how everything works. The one island all pirates are aiming for is Raftel, supposedly the island at the end where the previous Pirate King, Gol D. Roger, had hidden his treasure called One Piece. At the rate the manga is going, and the fact that Oda doesn't seem like he will stop at all (remember, the manga first appeared around the 90s... and we're now in 2012--what a long time! The mangaka is enjoying his sweet time) and Luffy and his crew are nowhere done with their adventures.

Currently I'm re-watching and re-reading it because the current arc (the poisonous gas supposedly abandoned island) is just as foreboding and suspenseful that I'm inclined to revisit the days I first began following One Piece. To be honest, I was quite put off when I heard about the overall summary of One Piece--pirates, treasure, journey to the Grandline, plus the fact that the art wasn't too pleasing to the eyes when I saw the first chapters... but after watching the first three episodes, I was immediately taken. There's lots of humor, funny faces (I only needed to see their famous jaw dropping faces and I got used to the art *snerks* how lame), deadpan snark, the various adventures they get themselves, the suspense, the action in and of course, NAKAMA SHIP.

I braved the first 100+ chapters and 100+ episodes and I'm still loving it. Oda-sensei takes quite a lot of time to do world building in his story, establish characters' personalities, explain the premises of the dilemmas Luffy and his crew encounter, introduce many, many new factors I wouldn't have taken account on (Like the Skypeia arc, I mean WHUT? How the heck can they fly their ship up THERE? And bam! Oda-logic later, an up stream burst phenomenon), and the factions that are against them or with them. And of course, the many moments that just shoot right into my gut--take for example, the first 100+ episodes/150+ chapters in which Luffy is gathering his crew (and he's probably done right now--after like 500+ chapters? Who knows)--Nami's arc, Sanji's arc, Chopper's arc, Vivi's arc... and many more-- they all just made me sob so grossly I wonder why I even bother to continue and still re-acquaint myself with the series.

And after 500+ episodes and chapters, when you want to start at the very beginning, you'll see the many hints Oda-sensei had left throughout the series. Pure genius. I know manga creating is very tiring and stressful work (thanks to Bakuman, we see all the hardships mangaka have to go through) but to actually see the intricate webs and connections--it's just amazing and enjoyable too.

My favorite character is Zoro, I can honestly say that and then put everyone else on the pedestal slightly lower than his. LOL. It's because I like Zoro's determination, his total loyalty, his badassery just by staying with Luffy, fighting alongside him and more or less, taking up their burdens/injuries upon himself. There are many Zoro moments that made me go squee and realize, yes, this guy is so my favorite. I like how he's taking care of Chopper in his own way. I like how he unconditionally trusts Luffy with his life. I like how he moves with his swords. I love Zoro's fights. Heck! I love close up moments of Zoro's serious/goofy/demon face.
Of course, Luffy is amazing too. He's the Captain. He has to save the day or else the Straw Hats will not survive. His voice resounds in my mind so clearly, it's hard to write fanfic if you resist the customary "SUGEEEESUGEESUGEE"/"NIKUNIKUNIKU"  shouts.
I also like Sanji a lot. Despite his womanizing, he's almost as strong as Zoro and Luffy--just on a whole different level... I'm just not sure how to explain this.
Usopp, for all his lying and cowardice, is still probably one of the true characters that complements my own. If I end up in situations Usopp had to go through, I'll definitely react like him--lying, making up stories, screaming and be all quivery and cowardly. There's only one difference, Usopp has the courage to stand up for himself and his crew with the help of his inventions/tools/whatever means available because he knows he's weak, which doesn't take away the will to fight on. Nami is that way too. She does not have the monstrous strength/power to fight big enemies--she has to rely on her brains and her cunning ability to sneak out.
Chopper is so adorably cute, I want to hug the little guy. Robin needs more love, but I'm sure she's getting a lot now that she's in the crew. Franky (his speedo still cracks me up) and Brook (oh the dead skeleton jokes he makes...) are very funny and just as random as the rest of the crew. I wish I've more to say, but words just fail me as I try to explain their eccentricities. I've also come to care to care for the secondary characters like Vivi, Ace, Shanks, Laboon and so on. Oh the power of characterization. <333

For the shipping, I was all for the Zoro/Sanji. I think it has something to do with their constant bickering and trying to out-challenge one another during the whole series. I even went as far as ONLY READING their fanfics. They're always at each other's throat that I can't help seeing them as a couple... always fighting. Zoro/Sanji is probably the only romantic-or-maybe-not kind of ship I can see in the series. Okay, okay, but I also admit since the series is so focused on adventures and saving each others' asses so of course I ship the whole Straw Hats ship. XDD Nakama-shipping is a MUST. I'm all for that. If only I can write about their nakama dynamics...

Overall, this series is definitely on my 100 blogging list and anime/manga rec list.

I've only one, one, ONE little complaint. ACE NUOOOO HOW COULD YOU ODA SO MEAN YOU RIPPED MY HEART OUT!!!! *gross sobbing in a corner*


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