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Finally an update! I've the dry cough ever since I went out with some church members on Id Ul Fitre day. My parents weren't too happy about my coughing. I picked this up as soon as I got myself suck into the rookie group EXO.

14/100 -- Dong Bang Shin Ki/TVXQ/Tohoshinki

It seems like a long time since I last heard about Dong Bang Shin Ki. It was the first Korean group I'd invested all my love in for about two or three years before moving onto other Korean bands and eventually stopped seeking them out consciously on every media. If it weren't for the constant drama I probably would have been a happy, oblivious, obsessed fangirl. The emotional drain probably prompted me to look at Super Junior, who is more casual and go with the flow (... until I discovered that Suju got as much wankage as TVXQ...). Still, as I write this, I'm reminded of the times I was so eager when they released a single one after another and flailed about their music videos and their tight choreography.

The name Dong Bang Shin Gi is translated as "Rising Gods of the East" which is appropriate, because as soon as they debuted the group kept releasing hit songs one after another. Their stuff kept getting better and better. Of course, they're not the same generation as Shinhwa and H.O.T. (were very popular in the 90s) but considering their rapid growth in the entertainment business, they dominated the music business. The younger generation of music artists all look up to them (Shinee, EXO, f(x) etc.).

Originally I wasn't too much into the DBSK when I saw their pictures. At that time I shipping a Japanese band and DBSK's pictures kept coming up at those fan forums. I tried out several of their songs "Hug", "Tri-Angle", "Rising Sun" and "O. Jung.Ban.Hap" being memorable songs that got me really, really into them.

Don't let the synthesizing fool you, they really have great voices. Which is why they often have acappella songs in their albums and perform them live. The one song that always gets to me for their vocals is "Bolero". It's the song that harmonizes so well, kept their different vocal ranges together so smoothly the whole song always gives me goosebumps whenever it's on.

Another amazing point about them is that they get a lot of tight/complicated choreography. It always awes me whenever I watch TVXQ's dance videos, "Mirotic", "O. Jung.Ban.Hap" and "Wrong number" being my favorites. Some of their moves are even iconic that other Korean entertainers reel back in respect for TVXQ during shows. Of course, that goes for a lot of K-pop groups---the complicated choreo. But that's not saying much.

Plus! I searched for them in LJ and found the infamous Yunho/Jaejoong shipping community jaeho_detox. The comm had a lot of decent quality fanfics and even have their own website of rec'd fics. And the moment I started playing around in the comm, I got sucked into the pairing and flailed with all the other shippers [with fanfics of course... just looking over my fanfic index, I stagger at the amount of shipping I'd done in those days...]. Sadly, I had a serious fallout with the fandom. :sighs:

Now TVXQ consists of two members, Yunho and Changmin. The other three members formed their own group under a different music label.

On a more lighter note, here's a bonus video featuring SM entertainment's newest rookie group's song, "MAMA" performed by mamas/BAMF mamas.

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