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Looking back at 2015, it was not as productive as my 2013-2014 years (when I joined a lot of fanfic exchanges). However, it was the most intentional year in the sense that I'd finally created a MASTER SPREADSHEET to keep track of my WIPs and written fics (all my fandoms are in it, except most of the bandoms).

About 45 separate fics/ficlets (not including the series set of drabbles)
A total of 107,428 words (including the one for One Piece Big Bang which took 30k)
13 fandoms, some of them were revisited older fandoms like Card Captor Sakura and surprisingly Digimon Adventure.

My most well-received fic according to AO3 is "Congratulations, you have won a free trip to..." (a CCS fic for the 30 days of OTP challenge) and I adored it too while re-reading it~
The most fun fic to write: "Identification Please" (a OP fic for the share-the-love-week), I wrote this way before my deadline and waited impatiently for my day to arrive to post.
The most dragging fic to write "In the snow lands, amonst enemies" (another OP fic, for the Opreversebang) the process was very slow and painful because I feared I'd break my collaborator's confidence in me. Still, it's one of my most near-perfectly written fanfic because of the storytelling and in return, I got to see such amazing fanarts.

Special mention:
- all Trafalgar Law drabbles. Writing them had made me appreciate Trafalgar Law a lot and his love for Cora-san. Which also led to my interest in shipping him in an asexual and aromantic way with Luffy.
- Bedside manner. Writing Jou and Gomamon had made my heart soar into the sky.
- Dress down. I never thought I'd revisit KHR again and trying a new style.

Plans/projects for 2016:

1) Write more.

2) Finish OPbigbang 2015 - 2016

3) Write originals

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