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6/100 - Books

I seriously want to own the library. If I were to store my current book collection, I'd say it will look like the picture above as well. All stacked up in rows and up one another.

I seriously love books. Am probably obsessed with buying new ones, and reading them.

Every time I go out, I keep thinking about entering a book store on the way and browse the titles. The itch to stop buying books is gradually increasing but sometimes I succumb much faster than usual. Hahaha. I mean, I tell myself not to buy any more books because:
1 - I've no storage area for them
2 - I've hardly any time to sit back and read them
3 - books are so expensive!
4 - I've too many already, so stop right now

In the end, I feel defeated when I do start my books buying spree.

Honestly, my love for books began with the my bad reading abilities. I couldn't speak Dutch well as expected from a second generation Chinese and resorted to extra tutoring lessons from my neighbour across the street. At some point around my second or third year in elementary school, the library finally opened its doors for me. Someone once said that reading would improve my language/reading skills to read faster, to understand Dutch faster and to improve my vocabulary. That's why I started borrowing a lot of books, including that of my fellow students.

One of my earliest books I remember loving is the one about fairy tales. I'd read a lot of versions of fairy tales and loved them all. I resorted to reading as much as I could. The transition from elementary school to high school also helped me love books. Got to enter the library without having to wait for a general class meet up, which was often the case back in my elementary school days.

And then I started hanging out with friends without having to ask my parents for permission. Those days I experienced my first independent bus ride home and learned about buying books from a certain local book shop. Things just started falling into places as I began buying and reading a lot to the point of frustrating my parents and exhausting the many empty spaces of my room. But that's another story.

Nowadays I hardly have time to actually sit back and read a book. T_T
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