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On a less sad note, I bring you my next 100 blogging things post [s].

While my Master post has a different topic for this number, it's not set in stone for me to follow through. Other than, that this is truly how my obsessions go. Flighty and extreme. I can so move into the bandwagon.

07/100 - Tom Hiddleston

Isn't that adorable? This .gif still makes me smile/grin.

So yeah, Tom Hiddleston.

I sit back and still wonder how I got into this bandwagon of flailing over this guy.
In short: supposedly this obsession started with "Thor" and "The Avengers". And then enter the tumblr factor. Everything has a tumblr factor somewhere.

I'm so far gone and before I realize I'm following a lot of Tom tumblr blogs, reblogging a lot of his stuff there and liking almost every post about him. It's crazy.

Anyway, he caught my attention as Loki in "Thor". Like everyone else, it starts with that face of his. He looked like a real villain there. Smirk and evil grin. I think if he hadn't realized he wasn't a real Asgardian, he wouldn't have fallen this far to appear as the main villain in "The Avengers" (or a henchmen... in the comic canon). He wouldn't look as if the world no longer needs him. Just look at that sad face when he let go of Thor at the final climatic scene. ;________; I cried while watching this in the shop and the customers were just looking at me like I'm having the usual heartbreak.

I had the 'privilege' to watch "Thor" before "The Avengers" premiere at my local cinema. Unlike my friend, who had no clue about the other marvel superheroes and Loki's background story. (probably should read the comics too...) The movie was a blast for me. I even had a fangirl post somewhere in my journal with lots of .gifs. I still felt sad for Loki in the end, somewhere.

Anyway, the after effects of having watched "The Avengers" stayed for so long, I started going to tumblr a lot. And there, is where I started flailing along with the mass Loki/Tom fans. It's a snow ball effect I guess. And now I want to watch all his movies. Especially his F. Scott Fitzgerald's character.

Some things I've gathered so far:
- in order to fall for Tom, watch all his interviews
- Listen to his "The Red Necklace". (His voice! asdfghjkasadfghkl;)
- He can speak Spanish (conversation-wise at least), which sounds really hot... ^///^
- re-blog and like Loki pictures/quotes and you shall follow the trending love for this guy
- stare at the Tom .gifs.
- Tom is Loki's biggest fangirl/fanboy (in interviews, he professes his sympathy for his character so much that even fans start sympathizing)
- He even RPGs with himself/Loki at twitter. Which is... a whole lot of crack in my brain...
- He looks amazing in War Horse, never mind the fact that I haven't watched it yet (T_T Can't find the DVD anywhere...)
- his smile, seriously, this guy is beaming a lot
- "ehehehehehe" -- I was really grinning when he said "Hello, baby... ehehehehe".
- during awkward interviews in which the language barrier is the main reason, Tom is usually the one who is trying to keep the flow going. Ex. the german interview... I still think they didn't quite understand the interviewer, and yet, they went along with everything and it's filled with cracky moments.
- His sad expressions... oh god...
 - he is not the usual kind of handsome man I fangirl over neither is Benedict, but that's another story... and yet I still find him attractive in a suit, in a military uniform, in a trench coat...

Sorry this sounds so shallow.

Some gifs:

And yes, that's Tom dancing.

Next up:

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